Cubed Beef Fried Rice (牛肉炒飯)

cubed beef fried rice

The great thing about fried rice is how adaptable and ubiquitous it is. If you grew up in an Asian household you will have eaten some variation of the dish throughout your childhood, if you have ever been to a Chinese restaurant you probably have ordered it at one point or another... I never gave the dish much thought beyond that it was an easy and delicious way to use up ingredients in the fridge and a safe option to pick at restaurants when you are hankering for comfort food - that is, until I had the fried rice at a restaurant run by Jeff's family in Taiwan last year.

This fried rice is quite unlike other version I have had (and I have had many!). It is beefy, crunchy, fragrant and incredibly moreish. I was so taken by this version that I pleaded with Jeff to run to the kitchen and ask his aunts for the recipe, at which point of course, they insisted on recreating the dish when service was over so he could watch and take notes throughout the process. So - here you are, cubed steak fried rice with juicy beef and crunchy green beans nested between glistening grains of rice. It takes slightly longer to prepare than your usual fried rice primarily due to the steps where you have to remove the beef from the pan, but take my word for it that the extra effort is worth your while!

Feeds 2-3 as a main meal