Simple Banana Muffins with Passion fruit Curd

Kicking off my foray into the world of blogging with one of my favorite recipes: Delicious and simple Banana muffins (Prep takes less than 10 minutes, I promise!) with creamy passion fruit curd. I love this recipe because it is so easy to make, and yet so very rewarding in taste.  The hardest part of this recipe was actually getting my hands on some passion fruit!

The first time I came across the combination of bananas and passion fruit was on a warm and breezy Spring morning at one of my favorite cafes in SoHo. They had 'Banana Bread with Passion Fruit Spread' scrawled on their Specials board, and I was intrigued. All it took was one bite to convince me - while it may not be an obvious combination, the perfumy tanginess of passion fruit is the perfect accompaniment to comforting banana  bread. I sought to recreate this in my own kitchen, and landed on banana muffins by way of not having a loaf pan handy. It worked out for the best though, because they turned out well balanced and had the perfect texture.

 While Spring is officially upon us here, the past couple of weeks been alternating between blue skies but decidedly non-Spring-like temperatures, or high temperatures but rainy and gloomy skies. Till we get that elusive perfect weather day, a bite of this will transport me to a warm, beautiful and carefree Springtime morning... 

Makes about 6 muffins and 1 jar of passion fruit curd